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Shopping for products has changed forever

Technology has transformed the way consumers search, explore and buy products. The physical high street is crumbling whilst online retailers are thriving. Consumers demand a more useful, personal, engaging and inspiring experience wherever they are.

 Reydar is an augmented reality product experience platform for brands, business and retailers that is adding a new dimension to the way customers experience and shop for products forever.
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With Reydar, brands and retailers can provide immersive buying experiences for customers and inspire them to engage and buy more

Reydar searches the world around your customers for virtual products, virtual POS and virtual retail environments and allows them to visualise and interact with products in their own personal space.

Customers can Place lifelike virtual versions of products wherever they are. They can Explore each product and try-before-they-buy.

Customers can Ping, Pop and Play with products at the touch of a button, and immerse themselves in magical 3D environments and experiences.

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Brands, what if you could…

Help customers view and explore products, wherever they are.

Help customers make better buying decisions by enabling them to browse, configure and try-before-they-buy. 

Make discovering your products more useful, more magical, more inspiring. 

Retailers, what if you could…

Launch a cost-effective 3D AR shopping channel with seamless e-commerce integration.

Provide your customers with a highly engaging always-on virtual retail store.

Turn the shopping experience into magical retail theatre beyond the constraints of the real world.

Brands and retailers on Reydar


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Place products in your own personal space

Customers can view and explore products like never before.

Customers can virtually ‘try out’ products in their own personal space in precise scale and in hyper-realism.

Full products and experience creation service and support by our award-winning ReyTeam AR studio.

Pop and Ping products to life at the touch of a button

Pop to life with deeper product information, retail displays, product collections, product ranges, and a more natural product browsing experience.

Ping to life your product in context – make discovering your products more useful, more magical, more inspiring.

Ping to life your retail environment – provide your customers with a highly engaging, always-on virtual retail store.

Make a lasting impression

AR experiences deliver double the levels of engagement compared to their non-AR equivalent.

AR is 3x more memorable compared to traditional non-AR media.

42% of shoppers think that AR would help them make a better buying decision.

Customer journey

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